The Greatest Wins of All Time in The Sports Betting Industry

The Greatest Wins
June 13, 2022 0 Comments

In the past, only the upper social class was allowed to attend horse races or even place wagers on them. However, these restrictions lessened with time. At this moment, we can say that the gambling industry has been open to all legal ages, whether offline or online. 

Sports betting, alongside its gambling compatriot, casino gambling, have grown sporadically in the last decade. Now, with the onset of top online platforms, punters would have so many sports and unlimited events at their fingertips to bet on.

The vastness of the sporting types and the several events listed under each make it quite impossible to witness them all at once. However, with mobile or desktop devices, you can view all of these events at once on your screen.

This article will cover some of the biggest wins in the history of sports betting, both in the past and recent decades. So keep reading and get blown out of your mind.

Billy Walters – 2010

Billy Walters

The American entrepreneur, Billy Walters, cemented his name into the history books by achieving a betting win worth approximately 3.5 million dollars by placing a bet on the New Orleans Saints. They were the underdog in the game against the Colts, which they ended up winning to bring home their first Super Bowl. The odds margin was slated at 31 to 17, and the resulting win ranks top on our list of the most excellent sports betting wins and would also rank among the most fantastic wins in the history of the gambling industry.

Vegas Dave – 2015

Dave was considered unserious as he approached several casinos to take his bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series. However, he had to divide his bet amounts across 15 gambling halls before making his total bet. The odds were massively not in favor of the Kansas City Royals at 30/1, but they ended up plummeting the New York Mets to dust to win the World Series. In return, Vegas Dave earned a big payday of 2.5 million dollars.

Steve Whiteley – 2011

Steve Whiteley

Whiteley attempted to guess all six winning horses correctly on this eventful day while staking an all-time low amount worth 2 dollars. However, unexpectedly, Steve Whiteley’s predictions were all correct, and he became 1.7 million dollars richer at that instant.

Mike Futter – 2003

Monty Pass was the name of a horse owned by Mike Futter. In 2003, Mike decided to test fate by betting on his horse, which had lost all of its previous races and was given an odd margin of 40/1 to 16/1. Monty won its race, landed his owner an approximate sum of $840,000, and ranks as one of the cheapest wins in the history of sports betting.

James Adducci – 2019

The James incident in 2019 saw him win a whopping $1.2 million from a stake worth $85,000 on the eventuality of Tiger Woods becoming the Masters champion in 2019. Adducci made this gamble despite knowing Tiger won the competition for the last time 11 years prior. It was a pretty daring and bossy move, thus, causing it to be on our list of the most incredible wins in sports betting history.

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